Junior Development Model

The AHC has designed, and is implementing, a club based junior development model that puts it at the forefront of junior coaching in Victoria.

The junior development model provides:

  • Coordinated and structured skill development over multiple seasons at designated skill development training sessions for all junior players
  • A higher ratio of coaches to players (typically 1:6) at each skill development training session
  • Access to specialist coaches (including goal keeper coaches) for the teaching of skills
  • Greater flexibility in training to mix and match skill levels, ages and genders to meet development needs of individuals
  • Identification of talented players for additional ‘AHC fast track’ training
  • Specific preparation for those trialing for representative teams
  • Support for junior team coaches
  • Better transition between juniors and seniors
  • Coordinated management of training loads.

For junior players at the AHC, the implementation of this model means:

  • Increased learning opportunities resulting in more efficient development
  • Consistent access to advice from current senior players and highly credentialed coaches
  • Fast paced, coordinated and fun training sessions
  • Greater potential for inclusion in Hockey Victoria’s representative teams and the AHC’s Premier League men’s and women’s teams.

Schedule For 2022

The Junior Development Model for 2022 will again be in place, with times and dates to be confirmed shortly.