The Board

The Altona Hockey Club, Inc. is administered by a Board of Management of a maximum 10 members.

Each of our board members is responsible for key areas of hockey operations both on and off the field, and currently the AHC Board is supported by an official junior sub-committee, you can view the organisational structure here.

All board members are volunteers, so please support them in their efforts and any contribution you can make in any form is welcome.

If you are interested in helping at board or sub-committee level, or on a casual volunteer basis, please contact a board member or email your details to [email protected].

Alex Tyrrell


I began playing hockey at the Altona Hockey Club as a 14 year-old after enjoying hockey at school and have now been involved for more than 15 years as a player, coach and volunteer. I have loved the opportunities that the AHC has offered me on and off the field while maintaining such a strong friendly and family atmosphere. Being a member of the board is a chance for me to give back, while ensuring a strong future for the club.

Contact Alex at [email protected]

Taylah Brennan


I began playing hockey when I was 4 years old in the Minkey Program and with over 20 years involvement at the Altona Hockey Club as a playing member I am proud to be a part of such a family orientated environment.

I have played in various teams from juniors through to premier league, both in the net and on the field, but my true love for the club comes with my passion to coach our up and coming goalkeepers and to organise the clubs social calendar. I look forward to being able to give back to the wider AHC Community in the best way that I can.

Contact Taylah at [email protected]

Peter Dolenc


Contact Pete at [email protected]

Tracey Drake


Hockey has been a part of my life for longer than I can remember. My family was always involved in playing, coaching, umpiring and club administration, so I naturally followed in their footsteps. As a player I’ve competed at state and national levels and enjoyed many years in Altona’s top women’s side. Now I’m more actively involved in coaching our current Premier League squad and keeping the club’s finances in good shape. I’ve been an active AHC board member since 2005 and a director of Hockey Victoria since 2010.

Contact Tracey at [email protected]

Stephen Ritchie

I followed my family into hockey and played my first game when I was 8 years old. Moving to Melbourne from country Victoria, I joined Altona in 2001. I was welcomed into the Altona community and have relished the last decade, having had the opportunity to play top level hockey with a group that have become great friends.
Recently, playing has taken a back seat and I have started to explore some of the other aspects of hockey such as coaching, video analysis, management and administration. Joining the AHC Board provides me an opportunity to give back to some of the people that have made my time at Altona such a wonderful experience.

Contact Steve at [email protected]

Benn Henderson

I made the move to Altona six years ago and was welcomed immediately into the Altona family oriented club.

During my time at Altona I have coached junior sides and look forward to seeing those players become the future of the club. I have had the opportunity to play top level hockey for the club as well for representative sides with a group of people who have become great friends off the pitch.

Joining the AHC Board provides me an opportunity to assist people at the club who have spent countless hours ensuring that my time at Altona is such a wonderful experience and ensuring the future is bright.

Contact Benn at [email protected]

Jo Eveleigh-Whitford

Tyson Priddle

I have been a member of Altona Hockey Club for over 20 years, starting with the club in juniors, then premier league and now socially in the lower level. I have coached, volunteered and played and now I’m looking at giving back to the club that means so much to my family.

The community feel of our club is something special and I truly love being involved in a sport that is inclusive of all everyone.

I am passionate about the mental and physical benefits of being involved in a team sport. I hope to use my professional and hockey experience on the board to ensure our club remains an attractive sporting choice for the Hobson’s Bay, Point Cook and surrounding areas.

Contact Tyson at [email protected]

Kieran Symons

There hasn’t been one part of my life in which I haven’t been around or part of the Altona Hockey Club. Being the 3rd generation of my family to be a part of the Altona Hockey Club I don’t think I could be anywhere else even if I wanted to. The positive effects of growing up amongst such a family orientated environment has entrenched a loyalty to the club beyond it just being a playing member.

I have been afforded the opportunity to play for the club through juniors and now into a place in the Men’s Premier League side, represent the club at regional and state level in both indoor and outdoor, coached junior sides for club, region and state, umpired at all levels and am now grateful to repay those many opportunities by stepping into a role on the AHC Board. I hope to provide many others with the excellent experiences I have been fortunate enough to have from this wonderful club.

Contact Kieran at [email protected]

Hazel Young