By Bailey Willet.

First half:

Surprisingly last week’s game for 16a’s was quite atrocious. Goldie wasn’t there and we just couldn’t find our momentum. Zaige Porra had a ripper game, Kiara Porra quoted “Zaige had a great game! I am so proud of him. Mitchy Burns,Beama and J.P had a few opportunities but they just didn’t have the pace to put them away. It was a tough game for our forwards not only the dodgy passes but also the horrible trapping next time I’ll get Simone Otterbach to play. After Kew had dominated the majority of the half. Tacos began his weekly tantrum which was quite understandable as the umpiring was average, but everything was resolved when bae the cousin of tacos gave a few motivational words and Tacos was on his way. After a few unlucky goals we were down 5-0 going into the second half.

Second half:

Finally the second half had arrived after our not so great first half and Altona were ready to go out firing. Surprisingly Naish lifted his game working really well in the defence with Big Tommy, Joey baby and the king left half Ollie. The king half man had a ripper game keeping it simple giving off the first time balls eliminating his player. Throughout the rest of the half Kew only scored 1 more goal with our defence keeping it solid. Finally after our main man Rhino had given off pass after pass with an unbelievable work rate we finally got a corner. After Naish missing his first 4km/h drag flick it was time for someone else to step up to the plate. Kieran called upon Bae for Kieran Symons signature spot “The Left Lay Off”. The push goes straight out to bae and he smacks it with immense speed and the goalie just saves it with his right kicker. Another corner is called for danger (finally Jeremy blew something, on the hockey field that is….), Once again Bae is called up for the left lay off. With a beautiful push straight to Jazz who stick trapped the ball perfectly then Naish layed it off with presion to Bae and with a almost majestic movement Bae flicked the ball 100km/h plus into the back of the net, the goalie didn’t even see it.

Over all the game definitely wasn’t our best with super coach Kieran saying “That was probably our worst game for defence, worst game for our midfield and worst game for our forward line”. After a few motivational words from Bae and Tom the team set off home preparing for our next rivals.