by Taniciah Isorena

On a pleasant Saturday morning the WPLR were out in Box Hill to front against the newcomers Kew Hockey Club. So far in the season they had lost all their games but only by small margins, indicating that they were not to be taken advantage of.

The game started off calm, with both teams trying to suss each others opponent. After a small lapse in a the defence and a quick turn over break away, Kew were able to slot in the first goal with the first 10 minutes of the half. Altona responded strong and unphased, working the ball through all lines creating many opportunities putting Kew’s defence under pressure. Finally after a strong hit into the circle Brittany McIntyre caused a contest right in front of the goals against a defender and keeper only to tomahawk Altona’s first goal for the day. This only spurred the Altona girls further, slotting in another goal by Sandy Yeates. Who walked into the circle to have a shot from the top, into the bottom left corner finishing the half on top.

Kew came out tough, intercepting the Altona midfield, much more than the first half, putting the defence under pressure. Especially Holly Azzopardi who made multiple crucial traps regardless of the severe back pain she was experiencing. But Altona’s midfield-striker combination were too silking, scoring another two goals. Both by working their wide defenders to end with two-on-ones with the keeper from Yeats to Chelsea Pugh to finish. Kew weren’t discourage and were still able to score a late goal ending the match 4-2. Altona’s WPLR proved once again their great ability to score as well as control a structured defence. Looking very forward to this weeks match against last years Premiers, Essendon Ladies Hockey Club.

Altona 4 – 2 KEW

Goals: Chelsea Pugh 2, Brittany McIntrye 1, Sandy Yeates 1