The Altona Hockey Club, Inc. would like to officially thank all members and supporters who have contributed to our facility development program.

The following members have donated to the Australian Sports Foundation;

Brian Fanning
Tianie Grunwald
Bob Guest
Kevin Brennan
Eric Coleman
Megan Kennedy
Tyson Priddle
David Burns
Alex Tyrrell
Marc Richardson
Marita Grech
Neil Stiefel
Roger Walter
Justin Burgess
Craig Bancroft
Ian Petherick
Eric Coleman
Josh Wilson
Lyn Hocking
Leanne O’Connor

AHC Coterie Group

Thank-you to all members of the AHC Coterie Group – Perfect Harmony;

Peter Dolenc
Bronwyn Kelly
Peter Symons
Merryn Brennan
Kevin Brennan
Tracey Drake
Greg Drake
David Burns
Rod Johnson
Rob Burns
Brian Fanning
Glenn Porra
Mel Porra
Morris Burgess
Stephen Ritchie
Alex Tyrrell