Altona Hockey Club is excited to announce its new partnership with Inspired Health Chiropractic. They are located at 3/421 Blackshaws Road, Altona North.  Dr Patrick McPhie will be coming to our Club on Thursday 21st May, 2015 from 6.00pm to explain a bit about what they do, their treatment methods and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Below is a little bit about Inspired Health Chiropractic.  We look forward to working with Christopher and Patrick.

At Inspired Health Chiropractic Our aim is to reach your health care goals weather they be improved function, reduced pain, reduced recovery time or injury preventions. We have experience with professional athletes, semi professionals, amateurs and weekend warriors. Care is effective at managing injuries, injury prevention and maximising performance of your body. Many people seek help for low back pain, sciatica, disc problems, neck pain and headache. Many athletes seek help for an answer to recurrent soft tissue injury such as recurrent hamstring strains, groin tightness and pain, knee pain, ankle sprains and dysfunction that prevents them from performing at their best. The technique we utilise is very unique and allows us to show you significant changes in movement and strength right away. It is gentle and involves no cracking. We are effective at assessing all joints and muscles of your body. It is not just about your spine. We hope that you are able to support the businesses that support the running of our club. We hope that Inspired Health Chiropractic is able to not just aid in keeping our players and members on the field but also help the families that make up our club. If you would like further information or to book an appointment, check out our website at or call one of the team on 03 9748 2700.